Happy Canada Day 150+


Happy Canada Day 150+!  On the occasion of this anniversary, I would like to share my Canada Day poem.  I wrote it while driving back to Toronto from Unicamp one Canada Day, descending from the northern highlands towards the city.  There was evidence of celebrations in parks and towns along the way.  Coming into Caledon at the high points of the road, as well as driving across the north part of the city, there were clusters of fireworks all around in the distance, and the whole city, the whole countryside seemed to be celebrating.


(written on Canada Day)

By Helen Iacovino

the land spreads & holds us,
carries us to hilltops
& leads us coursing
in steep valleys with its streams.

a celebration of beginnings,
of little pieces of our lives
intersecting with each other,
of contentments in the sunshine
underneath one spreading sky.

a land blooming in summer’s height –
travellers, we cover
the easy distances, we come down
from the evening coolness of northern hills,
past porch flags, past field gatherings,
past the glue of back-door chatter,
towards the heat of the city
where sporadic bursts of fireworks
take their places across the sky.

we take our places
& embrace our true nature,
while these fireworks
show, protect & unfold in front of all,
& the face of the jewel that we all have become
now shines brighter
as sparks shower into darkened skies.

© Helen Iacovino