For Ostara/Easter – A Labyrinth Poem


ImageImageFor springtime (which seems rather delayed this year) and for the new life of Ostara/Easter, this is a labyrinth poem. I am fascinated by labyrinths, and the insights that walking a labyrinth may bring – and also sometimes frustrated when, expecting insights, none materialize. In downtown Toronto, even the labyrinth outside the bustling Eaton Centre (in Trinity Square, immediately west of the Eaton Centre) is an oasis of calm despite the bustle and building-fans that surround it. This is a powerful labyrinth, with wonderful energies.



my life is full of mirrors,
both created and natural –
from the jumble of questions
I wade through each day,
to the shopping mall glass
that catches fleeting light.

I bring my incompleteness
to the labyrinth –

in the east the birds
& hope ever rising,
wild geese calling in spring,
the view from a windswept mountaintop,
& clear bells ringing new through dawn.

fire in the south, & all things small & green,
bringing warmth & a cat’s sleek fur,
the noonday sun at his height,
the wise chariot, the salamander’s glory,
& close down by waving grasses
the first dandelion.

from the western bear I need
the introspection of the waterfall,
the flowing cup revealing invisible worlds,
the refracted glass of a mind’s eye,
the scent of apples ripening,
the reflection of the sunset,
& a kaleidoscope’s broken glass
in its ever-shifting beauty.

the earth of the north,
the while buffalo goddess,
I bring you my own center,
I bring an acorn seed,
my feet are attached to the ground
where new spring trees are growing.

I wonder if I’ve ever dared
to perform a cat’s calculated leap
over any threshold,
into the depths of being,
one with the spinning world.

the labyrinth’s path continues
& I’m on the crossroads
with Coyote & Owl –
I want all paths to be easy.

Coyote tells me
no path is ever easy,
& we don’t find the puzzle –
we create it.

© Helen Iacovino