A Taste of Tarot


This poem is from my series of poems inspired by the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck. It is an invocation of sorts – the second invocation of the series.  The Magician is Card #1; however, the deck begins with Card 0, The Fool.

                   (Card #1 of the Tarot pack)
I am the world in the fire of my knowledge                                  

O holy white pentangle
show me your points;
do not hide from me
your true & awesome power,

but let me blaze
in this dry air
through my tools & brains
with all your spirit’s fire.

Red & white – above & below
the table I unite
these colours to run as one
in a never-ending moebius strip –

moon & sun quiver together,
blood & soul this instant are one –
& I – I am catalyst, Maker –

greenhearted, I hold
this knowledge emptied into me,

I am an overflowing vessel,
I am paper about to ignite,
I am the flaming salamander
sprouting wings
before the opening of the golden door,

& I am
renaissance man
spreadeagled in the doorway –

& I know I will never
walk this world the same.

© Helen Iacovino


2 thoughts on “A Taste of Tarot

    • Great to hear from you, Mary. Yes, I do – I will email it to you. The workshop sounds fascinating. The first Tarot workshop that I took was put on by the Jung Society in Montreal some years ago – and I believe they had Joseph Campbell speaking to introduce it the evening before, if memory serves me right… Tony and I had the privilege of hearing him speak at Concordia University on 2 different occasions.

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